Nature Works 2019

For this year’s show I will be debuting 18 new works, paintings of both New Mexico and Oklahoma. Infinite skies and early evening sun, flowers, trees in fog, pond reflections, and early spring green country of Oklahoma are some of the subjects I’ve explored. And as with the last show, I’ve continued to play with abstraction or as I like to call it, breaking up the line- the fundamental building block of any painting or work of art. The land is always in transition and constantly changing under all sorts of weather and shades of light, but at it’s core there’s an energy, a spirit, that’s always there that I try to see and feel and interpret in my paintings. For me, it’s my passion and honestly, it’s also what connects me to the deeper parts of myself.

Thank you for coming to my studio log. Please scroll thru this year’s show on this website and come see the originals. Hope to see you and thank you for your support.

Rural Road, Early Morning Mist, oil on canvas, 30x60

Rural Road, Early Morning Mist, oil on canvas, 30x60

NatureWorks Art Show 2019
Renaissance Hotel and Convention Center, Tulsa Ok

Friday, March 1, 5:30-10pm VIP Opening

Saturday March 2, 10-5:30pm & Sunday, March 3, 11-4pm